Flashy Inside People

Who has time with so much divine?

Flashy Inside People
Front Park. Tea for two?

The small dirt lot across the street from Massabesic North point plot, Route 121.

Cars and pick-ups go by 40-50 mph.

A few slow to 20. We stay friends awhile.

30's ho-hum.

40's are wish it were 50 people gotta go… bigger engines to rev if they could just go a little faster…

60 plus people are too busy with traffic cops and broken stocks.

I stop.

The lot is paved by people that stop.

Paved by pensive people, introspective people, deep people.

All flash on the inside. Who know only a few steps to the shore and their reflection off the lake puts them in the sky.

And it’s not a choice. Not for these people. My people. Flashy inside people. Firework sparks within people.

Shock to awe outside people check off lists. Do they have no choice?

The lake won’t let us keep a grocery list. Who has time with so much divine?