Fortunate Cookies

Cookies, fortunately.

Fortunate Cookies

A Fine Mess

If cleanliness is next to Godliness,
Atheism is adjacent to a hot mess.


The saddest people make the happiest songs.
The shortest poem lasts for days.
The less cloth- the more there is to see.
When it's breakfast in Miami,
Sydney's still at the Opera.

Some People

Some people hurt others with humor.
Some people hurt others with hurt.

Some people humor themselves with humor.
Some people humor themselves with hurt.

Some people don’t really give a shit,
And just go dancing.

Shake a Leg

(Oh for Heaven’s sake, here’s
That verse of penned metrics;)

Are we fated,
or clean slated?

Are we forsaken,
or just shaken?

Do we rhyme,
or is it chance?

A poem is just

In a slow,
measured dance.

A Bawdy Toast to Endurance

Well, there’s Two-Second Todd,
Who had a great bod,
But it ended there don’t you see.

For when he took off his pants,
And she started to dance;
He never could make it to three.

Fiber Optics

I’ll never understand what Fiber has to do with Optics.
Unless watching the recommended dose of social media
Everyday is the best way to stay regular.


Stuff is not my thing.


She won’t leave.
She won’t ever leave.
People leave everyday;
Love, she won’t leave.
Even in leaving,
Love won’t leave.

Hey, Tolstoy!

Hey, Tolstoy!
Spell-check changes
Your name to:
-Told you-
So, Thanks.


Dreams are not goals.
Dreams are instruction manuals.
Follow them.

Some Antics

A rose by any other name
Would smell as platypus.


A, e, i, o, u;
And sometimes rhythm.

A Good Life

Sitting and watching the sunrise
With no one but your sleepy dog,
A cup of tea and a frozen waffle.
That's a good life.


When a hawk flies
Fast by my window
Just after sunrise,
I wonder what it means.

-The hawk wonders-

How I can be up
So early and only
Had half a barely
Toasted frozen waffle.


What’s your favorite color?
The older I get
The harder that is to answer.

Other People’s Problems

Hermit, hermit, hermit crab-
If I were a hermit,
I wouldn’t be such a crab.


It ain’t worth much to anyone that matters,
But to anyone that matters, it’s worth so much.