From his perfectly good not cardboard box.


There’s a peacock sounding race relations.

There’s a fox snarling this and that amendment issues.

There’s an angry man, not really angry, playing angry for your angry pleasure on the AM dial.

All not-really-riled up-riled, rolling in his not-at-all-angry dough.

There’s a housing shortage in the neighborhood of the last school shooting.

There’s good people in blue and good people in red blood on the streets.

There’s medicine and there’s insurance.

And there’s the bank. The Bank.

And there’s a loan where the front door used to go.

And there’s a rainbow and there’s the way over it.


So now,

We're talking.

And now,

I’m talking about living in and out of a white cardboard box.

So now,

He's talking about a white-cardboard-Banker’s-Box-box.

The man

Wants metaphors.

But I

Don’t want a metaphor.

I want out of this cardboard box.

"You've got

Quite a cardboard box there,"

He says

To me  

From his perfectly good not cardboard,



So we’re healing,

What we would not do.

So we’re doing,

What we did not do.

We’re being

Who we were afraid to be.


But we’re afraid of it.

But we ought, not be.

Because we're already what and who

We need to be to do the thing.

It's just a matter of doing it.

So the only thing in our way is yesterday.

But that was yesterday.

So we don’t know what’s in our way.

But I do.

It’s today.

It’s This Right Now.

We spin against it-

We crash against it-

We wham-bang-boom-

Against the doom-

That’s not in the room.


But we will win.

And we do win.

One win at a time.

Over time.


I am a giant and a giant killer.

I am the mountain and the moon.

I smash it down. I raise it up.

I sculpt it into something beautiful.