Own It, Spriteman!

Look at the wonderful Sprite you are!

Own It, Spriteman!

A step forward, all that means is taking a step in. Taking a step towards you. Owning your time.

It's one thing to be a free spirit. It's another thing to be a trapped forest sprite surrounded in a prison of trees called good deeds.

That sprite has been beating himself up over the wilting of other peoples' trees.

Let 'em wilt!

You Sprite Man! Let them go dry. You're barely grown. And look at you! Look at the wonderful Sprite you are!

Or not. Do you even know? You could be a Great Spirit of Beauty, or you could be a Great Spirit of Stinky.

Do you even know? That's the question. Do you even know what I'm saying?

Do you know you? I don't think you do.

If you did you would hear what I was saying and you'd step away from that wilting tree. It wants to wilt.

There's as much use for a wilting tree as there is for... what kind of tree are you?

You don't even know!

Go look to yourself! This is your time!

Let the wilting trees have their wilt. Wilting trees grow down!

Wish them well and walk. This is your time.

Own it!

Sprite Man, own your wilt!