Right Now

What if this is what that looks like? What if this is it? What you always dreamt of? What if now is always? What if right now you are enough?

Yes. What if right now, when you hold up your phone, tap the camera app, tap the switch camera button, and view the unclicked selfie... what if that image unfocused is the focused one? What if you, right now you are your goal? What if the person there made it there? And is there.

Right now. You will never get to where you're going. You will never reach a better place. You will never know another dream. You will never be what you hope to be.

You can only ever be right now.

Right now. Your dream. Right now a better place. Right now you are your hope. Right now you are your goal achieved.

If it is, as you say, where you're headed then your mind is made up. That is that. I will get to a better place. I will fulfill my dreams. I will win at all costs.

Then the price is paid. Click the selfie. And there's the person with a dream fulfilled. Time is the only thing in your way. And time is always the same time, every moment of our lives is right now.

Maybe you win that race. The calendar says the race is months away. It isn't. The race you win is right now.

So what are you doing right now?

Keep being that win right now, and you are always that win, your win, right now. Which is good news as it’s the only Time there ever is.

The clock of the world always shows the same time. The hour is right; the minute is now.