The 51st State

Snowflakes and Skins have no twins.

The 51st State
Light through clouds over Massabesic.

We these people, gas-masked, can't breathe,
Faces to the curb, choked out by that other
Still on about that Mr. Monochrome Maniacal:

Other Brother.

This body. This skin, I'm in.
Heard the Science Man Say:
That's not the same one you wore just yesterday.

Snowflakes and Skins have no twins.

In so many years gone by,
So many tears gone by,
You're a whole new you.

Read it right that's true.
Which Yesterday's Particle are you?
What graft grafted your You?

What piece of You did America bring You?

Every atom of Walt's grass still belongs to Me-belongs to You.
Every shoot shot new from Gettysburg's field that's You,
That's Me, too.

The 51st State, Unstated:

The heart pumps the prism, pumps the shade.
The heart bleeds every color in America.
The grass at Gettysburg is stained with bloody rainbows.

The leaves are black and white thirsty.
The brown earth runs raw the spectrum.
The blood battle bespangled.

The battle beats the Mississippi!
Run Blood, Corre! Colored Blood Corre!
Run Rainbow Blood! Run American Blood!

Lap up yesterday's bleed. Take Account!
Lap up the bled bedecked Bunker -no- Breed's Hill.
Lap up the insincerity in the Courthouse in Appomattox.

Kiss your own black ass; your own white shit.
Kiss the great every color bloodstained leaf of grass.
Kiss your bought and sold two shade-soul.

The 51st State, Poetically, Unstated:

Evil never loses but lurks.
A battle won is done undone
By silent convenience.

America still belongs to you, America.
But your way still marks in twain.
So single it out.

The cause of every American Hell,
Is the cleft cut in Liberty's Bell.

The 51st State, Stated:

In America:
There is too much Black.
There is too much White.
And there is not enough Color.