The More Store

We sell all the More you will ever need.

The More Store
Manchester. Merrimack. Mills. Bricks!

Sit alone and listen to Yesterday's Greats,
The ones brave enough to say something from their loneliness.

There was no reason for Emerson to publish.
There was no reason for Einstein to publish.

We got lucky with Emily.

But how many Emily's are out there hiding in rooms?

You interact with the world,
The world wants more interaction.

More and More and ...
You can't afford More?
Well you have to give More,
More is all we sell at this store...

The one stop
Only shop
In the world...

We sell all the More
You will ever need
For your More,
And what's More?

We sell More,
More than any other
More Store.

A one stop
Shop for all
Your More needs.


What's in store
At the More Store?

At some point the weight becomes the work.
The meaning is in the burden of it.

No one can bear this but you.
It's not duty for duty's sake, or for the sake of others.

No, there is something else going on.

We are asked to do a thing.
Not like go to the store and pick up some milk.
Or have this partner or drive this pretty machine.

No. Something. Make something.

Teach people to smile in a certain way
By trusting your own smile to be
The greatest thing you do all day.

Feeling every part of yourself in that smile.
Every part beam.
Show the world what that shine means.

Or you have the idea of the way a thing looks.
You have some idea of the color a brushstroke could make
To best show what your eye sees and tells your insides.

The burden of that vision is the sharing of that.

We have the dream not to dream, or to have some goal;
We have the dream because the dream is our duty.

Our dreams are not our goals;
Our dreams are our instruction manuals.